Reconceal Yearmix 2017

Reconceal Yearmix 2017

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Reconceal Yearmix 2017
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Just over 2 hours, 35 "Reconceal Approves" tracks that were released in 2017, as per usual.

Melodic, dramatic and epic. Music that makes you goosebumps. That makes you dance. Refill your energy. Appreciate life. Feel the freedom. Feel the trance!

It was a very good year and the music was superb! I really enjoyed many artists and labels in the past year and I hope you did too! In fact, I want you to tell me about it! :D Go to and suggest tracks that might be "RA" ;) Or simply just say hi!

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Playing tracks by Yoel Lewis, Enzo, Whiteout & Lucid Blue, FloE & DJ T.H. ft. Kate Miles, Ben Gold X Omnia and more.


Trance Namo Amitabha

WE CAN LEAN ON Trance measureless light & love & Namo Amitabha + God + All God + Allah + One True God + Aloha + Hallelujah = SUPER HERO ( All Universal Religion In Ten Universe ) <3 Namo Amitabha is meaning ( Namo ) measureless bright + Amitayus = 南無阿彌陀佛意思的是(南無)無量光明+無量光壽