Arab Street Sounds Mixtape

Arab Street Sounds Mixtape

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Arab Street Sounds Mixtape
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mixed live by Rebel Up! dj's Sebcat & Leblanc outside on the square @ Recyclart Holidays during the Arab Street Sounds party on Friday 19 july 2013. Selections of folklore, digital pop and new dance music from the Maghreb mountains to the hanging gardens of Babylon. A mixed spice blend of Arab dance music styles like chaabi, chaoui, reggada, kabyle, dabke and electro chaabi. Enjoy! Some of the Arabic translations of the song titles will soon follow. download here;


Playing tracks by Sway Al Chark Records, Hamid el Kasri, Mahmoud Guenya, Chalf Hassan, Idhebbelen and more.


Freak Ass E

i keep coming back to this because it is so damn good.

Avishai Deckel // Ali Chive

i love your music!!!!

Rebel Up!

thanx, big up!

Rebel Up!

thanks for the support bro, hope the subway travels get even more special from now on :)


this turns my everyday subway delays's dance into a desert one. this brings strong sun into my heart when the hope has taken a non way-back ticket

B>rt V>n D¥çk

mziena bzef! chucran asahbi

Kobi Saka


Andrew Stys

thanks for sharing your treasure chest

Rebel Up!

thanks for the thumbs up & listens, keep tuned for more :)

Splinters & Candy

Another terrific set. Thanks for the great music. Keep up the good work.

Rebel Up!
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