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Monday night's Real Radio Football Phone In with the Scottish Sun,


Real Radio Scotland

@Johnny calm yourself down to a riot. The issue was a mixcloud issue and out of our control. They have been upgrading the site over the past week and it has caused a few issues here and there. We explained when we implemented this that it was a trial period to see if it worked, generally speaking save from a handful of times it has been up quicker than before and has been very well recieved. That is not to say we are not working on other longterm plans too though.

James Rooney

lol its working noo. Thanks guys.

Mason Clarke

Please use Itunes podcast services, it is far more easier and better for the consumer as they can download it and use the mp3 file on different platforms

Johnny Marshall

I have just started listening to Real Radio again because of Peter Martin. Now I can't, because I am being asked for a user no and password which I was never asked to apply for in the first place. Real Radio, you are just a complete WASTE OF SPACE, and as so many of your listeners are saying GET IT SORTED.

Steven Scott

At Colin in simplistic terms the file format on the server is throwing 403 errors or unauthorized ,basically when the file is uploaded it converts into several media types and get spread across different server locations hence why some people get the error and some don't

Steven Scott

to be fair its not realradio up-loaders faults its shity mixcloud they choose the wrong outlet soundcloud would have been better even spootify plus the return value and opengraph potential is more , however what I am concerned/pisses me off is there crappy affiliate program that runs hidden when you hit play bad mixcloud bad

Steven Scott

changed it , I cant pull tonight's show , I can pull any other one however , tbh I don't intend to deliver a new site , personally I would implement my own broadcasting system and run it direct from the server

Kathleen Kennedy

Can someone fix this mess. Come on get it SORTED!!!!

James Rooney

maczip - LOL