1FM Rap Show First Year Anniversary Show 1995

1FM Rap Show First Year Anniversary Show 1995

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1FM Rap Show First Year Anniversary Show 1995
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Funkmaster Flex joins Westwood in the UK for the Radio 1 Rap Show's 1st Year Anniversary. Recorded straight from the jump, featuring the "It's Saturday, it's Saturday..." Masta Ace intro, this tape is mostly Flex ripping through snippets of 80's and 90's hip-hop.


Playing tracks by Gang Starr, Wu Tang Clan, Black moon, Redman, Main source and more.


Mista Fix

Yo what’s the name of the first track on here by Sadat X

Andrew Pratt (DJ Reimos)

Oh my days!!! Had this recorded on cassette from the show and caned it for years after ... this mix shaped my love of hip hop and rap for many years to come .... so glad to have found a recording of it!! Nice one 👊🏼 💥💥🔊


Dope flex mix. Classic. Thanks for posting. #goldenera

Amit Sharma


Old School Tapes

I used to have this on cassette, since been long lost. So happy to hear it again. Thanks!

Chris Wayman

You got no idea how long I've been looking for this, this had made my year the memories it brings back is totally unreal thank you so much