Dissonant #19 w/ Katrien Schuermans

Dissonant #19 w/ Katrien Schuermans

4 months ago
Dissonant #19 w/ Katrien Schuermans

Every first wednesday of the month, Dissonant will present a trip from ambient to the dancefloor and back, featuring none but female, trans, non-binary and queer artists in primarily the electronic music scene.

Dissonant also serves as a journalistic website, available through www.dissonant.nu


Playing tracks by Bell Curve, Azu Tiwaline, Johanna Knutsson, latesleeper, Immediate Proximity and more.

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Bell Curve - Type (Meltdown) (feat. Chiara Noriko)
Azu Tiwaline - Long Hypnosis
Johanna Knutsson - Fold 4
latesleeper - MWM
Immediate Proximity - The Apocalyptic Techno Cult
Roza Terenzi feat. Noff - Total Recall
God69 - XHALA
Nadia Struiwigh - 02nd
Mika Oki - Stuck In It
DJ Haram - Handplay
Owelle - 7,5°C
Bored Lord - Silver Apple
Nite Fleit - Little Robot
Céline Gillain - At All Costs
Elsa - Left My Feelings
Yazzus - Are U My God
Emsho - Down Time
Amina Hocine - Memory foam
Kee Avil - I Too, Bury (Claire Rousay Remix)
Annie Aries - Abyss
Katarina Gryvul - Zemlya
Adela Mede - What The Heart Sees Not
Teresa Winter - Child Of Nature
Natural Wonder Beauty Concept - Sword
Musique Infinie - Broken Mind Circuit