Homemade 007: Radna Rumping

Homemade 007: Radna Rumping

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Homemade 007: Radna Rumping
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Radna Rumping is a curator, writer and radio host based in Amsterdam. She is co-founder of jajajaneeneeneeradio, an experimental radio for the arts, and also of the art space mistral.amsterdam. In this Homemade episode, Radna shares a selection of songs that might help to create space beyond the limitations of the home, and reads her text ‘Near and Further Distance’.

Intro / Sun Araw - Belomancie
Geo Wyeth - The Response Made The Call
Interlude: Prince / Nancy Holt - Boomerang
Barry Biggs - Wide Awake In A Dream
David Lang - Just (After Song Of Songs)
Words: Radna Rumping reading Near and Further Distance
Funkadelic - Can You Get To That
Anna Domino - Review
Moondog - Dance Rehearsal
Outro / Laraaji - Feeling Lovely
The Cosmic Rays with Sun Ra Arkestra - Dreaming
June Tyson and Sun Ra - Walking On The Moon


Playing tracks by Funkadelic and The Cosmic Rays With Sun Ra & Arkestra.