CTRL+F: Asia > MIRA 新伝統

CTRL+F: Asia > MIRA 新伝統

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CTRL+F: Asia > MIRA 新伝統
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MIRA 新伝統 is a duo formed by French experimental musician Raphael Leray and Japanese contemporary dancer Honami Higuchi. Based in Tokyo, MIRA 新伝統 has carried out various projects as curators, producers and musicians. In this special instalment for CTRL + F: Asia, MIRA 新伝統 presents a mix of their scifi story in Japanese and the lecture of their article for Gotch and Ryuchi Sakamoto anti-capitalist event "D2021" that was published in I-D magazine Japan and never-released works/fields recording of clubs & lives extract. The second hour is a full uncut recording of their first performance Torque, based on narratives around sexual abuse.