BrujaVision 005: M1ss Jay, RattleSnake

BrujaVision 005: M1ss Jay, RattleSnake

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BrujaVision 005: M1ss Jay, RattleSnake
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We are back with our meeting of witches throughout the web. In today's episode, @lasokko and @_jclxm will be talking with two very dear friends and super talented women breaking the barrier of conventionality and what we are used to listen. Originally from Romania, but currently living in Milan, we have the divine presence of Miss Jay (@m1ssjay__) producer, composer and DJ who has raised eyebrows more than often when listening her tracks and beautiful creations. Of course, we’ll also have our beloved witch from the south @rattlesnakke singer, DJ and producer from Argentina and active member of the collective and label AGVA. Both will share with us, talk a little about their careers, dreams and future upcoming projects!