Radio Eclectus #74: Haroun & the Sea of Grunge (Dec. 10, 2020)

Radio Eclectus #74: Haroun & the Sea of Grunge (Dec. 10, 2020)

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Radio Eclectus #74: Haroun & the Sea of Grunge (Dec. 10, 2020)

Join us as we clear out some Seattle avant-grunge, with buzzing new tracks by several Northwest musicians. We also bid farewell to Noah Creshevsky and Harold Budd, and honor the late Charles Wuorinen with highlights from a recording of his opera Haroun and the Sea of Stories, a surprisingly jocular setting of Salman Rushdie’s novel by this notoriously serious-minded composer.

There’s more: the debut recording of Body Meπa (a new power quartet featuring Melvin Gibbs), the latest albums from British live-electronic band Langham Research Centre and “lowercase music” inventor Steve Roden, a new project from Marina Rosenfeld that’s a hybrid of composed music and sound installation, Wergo’s new CD dedicated to Younghi Pagh-Paan’s cross-cultural music on her 75th birthday, and a remarkable and prophetic early example of English minimalism that’s just been rescued from 47 years of oblivion. Radical new music from the Northwest and beyond, guaranteed carol-free for the Holidays!


Playing tracks by Hound Dog Taylor's Hand, Langham Research Centre, St Celfer, Entropic Advance, Steve Roden and more.

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Radio Eclectus

Annotated playlist for show #74⠀
Intro and SET 1: Avant-grunge from the Northwest and beyond⠀
1. [2:30] Hound Dog Taylor's Hand: Riot Cake. From HDTH AND, part 1 (Bandcamp, 2020) with Rob Millis (guitar), Christopher Burns (electronics), HDTH: Jeffery Taylor (guitar), Greg Kelley (trumpet), John Seman (contrabass), Mark Ostrowski (drums)⠀
2. [11:30] Langham Research Centre: Quanta/Signal/Noise - Version 3. From Quanta/Signal/Noise (Bandcamp, 2020) with Robert Worby. NOTE: Langham Research Centre is scheduled to release an iOS app based on this piece. Search in the App Store for “Langham Research Centre variPlay: Quanta/Signal/Noise” beginning December 15, 2020⠀
3. [16:04] St Celfer: Suite #6 - Etude. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker. NOTE: A YouTube version of a piece from these Suites is scheduled to be streamed on YouTube on Saturday, December 12, 2020. See for info⠀
4. [18:24] St Celfer: Suite #3 - Dirge 1. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker⠀

Voice break with Charles Dodge: Earth's Magnetic Field. SET 2: Noah Creshevsky (1945–2020) [24:12]⠀
1. [29:30] St Celfer: Suite #7 - Serenade No Cry. From Suites #1–9 (Bandcamp, 2020) with St Celfer AKA John Parker⠀
2. [33:03] Entropic Advance: Gathering in the streets. From Nonviolent Protests (Symbolic Insight, 2020) with bios+a+ic AKA Wesley Davis (effects processed/looped manipulated trumpet, samples, vocals), NoisePoetNobody AKA Casey Chittenden Jones (rhythmic programming, effects processed percussion/string textures)⠀
3. [42:41] Steve Roden: Do something boring, are there sections Consider transitions. From Stratégies Obliques Ø (Ferns, 2020) with Steve Roden (synthesizer, instruments and objects, voice), Steve Peters (recording, editing, processing, assembling, mixing). NOTE: See Steve Peter's article on this project at⠀
4. [45:50] Body Meπa: Bullitt. From The Work Is Slow (Bandcamp, 2020) with Greg Fox (drums), Sasha Frere-Jones (right guitar), Melvin Gibbs (bass), Grey McMurray (left guitar)⠀
5. [53:20] Noah Creshevsky: Sleeping Awake. From Sleeping Awake (Open Space, 2019) with Dorota Czerner (voice, poet). NOTE: Realized 2017⠀

Voice break with Harold Budd: Sandtreader [58:01]⠀
1. [1:02:52] Harold Budd: Preludes for Solo Piano (excerpt). From From The Kitchen Archives No. 5: Pianos in The Kitchen (Orange Mountain Music, 2011). NOTE: Recorded live March 14, 1980 at The Kitchen, New York⠀

SET 3: Pagh-Paan at 75 [1:04:16]⠀
1. [1:05:00] Younghi Pagh-Paan: Ta Ryong III - Tsi-Shin. From Silken Thread - Chamber Music (Wergo, 2020) with Michael Pattmann, Norbert Kramer (percussion). NOTE: Composed 1991. At you can find a snippet of two Taiwanese percussionists performing this work wearing ritual masks⠀
2. [1:16:53] Charles Hamm: Round. From Kenneth Gaburo Conducts New Music Choral Ensemble (Neuma, 2020) with New Music Choral Ensemble I, Kenneth Gaburo (director). NOTE: Composed and recorded 1967⠀
3. [1:21:59] Marco Stroppa: Birichino, come un furetto. From Miniature Estrose, Primo Libro (Kairos, 2020) with Erik Bertsch (piano). NOTE: Composed 1991– 2003, revised 2009⠀
4. [1:25:33] Harold Shapero: Partita in C for piano and small orchestra (excerpts). From Orchestral Works (BMOP/sound, 2020) with Vivian Choi (piano), Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose (conductor), Joel Gordon (engineering). NOTE: Composed 1960⠀

SET 4: Chuckles Wuorinen (1938–2020) [1:31:58]⠀
1. [1:37:54] Charles Wuorinen (after Salman Rushdie): Haroun and the Sea of Stories (excerpts). From Haroun and the Sea of Stories (BMOP/sound, 2020) with Haroun Khalifa: Heather Buck (soprano), Rashid Khalifa: Stephen Bryant (bass-baritone), Snooty Buttoo: Matthew DiBattista (tenor), Butt the Hoopoe: David Salsbery Fry (bass), Iff the Water Genie: Brian Giebler (tenor), Mali/King of Gup: Wilbur Pauley (bass), Oneeta/Princess Batcheat: Michelle Trainor (soprano), Mr. Sengupta/Khattam-Shud: Neal Ferreira (tenor), Soraya: Heather Gallagher (mezzo-soprano), Prince Bolo: Charles Blandy (tenor), General Kitab: Aaron Engebreth (baritone), Bagha: Thomas Oesterling (tenor), Goopy: Steven Goldstein (tenor), Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Chorus, Gil Rose (conductor), Joel Gordon (engineering). NOTE: Premiered in 2004 by New York City Opera⠀

SET 5: Three species of radical music [2:01:03]⠀
1. [2:05:47] Thomas Simaku: String Quartet No. 5. From Con-ri-sonanza (BIS, 2020) with Quatuor Diotima, Christian Starke (sound engineer). NOTE: Composed 2015⠀
2. [2:22:17] Michael Robinson: 2 Pianos Piece. From Explorations (1970–1973) (Paradigm Discs, 2020) with Gentle Fire. NOTE: Recorded September 15–16, 1973, Radio Bremen. Gentle Fire consisted of Richard Bernas, Hugh Davies, Graham Hearn, Stuart Jones, Richard Orton and Michael Robinson⠀
3. [2:38:42] Marina Rosenfeld: Deathstar (excerpts). From Deathstar (Shelter Press, 2020) with Marino Formenti (piano), Ensemble Musikfabrik, Yarn/Wire, Marina Rosenfeld (audio sculpture)

Radio Eclectus

Photo credits: Harold Shapero via Brandeis University, Noah Creshevsky by Michael Hafftka via Open Space, Younghi Pagh-Paan via Ricordi, Langham Research Centre via the artists, Charles Wuorinen By Javier Del Real, Dorota Czerner via the artist, Salman Rushdie by Kubik, Melvin Gibbs by Michael Hoefner, Harold Budd by Masao Nakagami, Thomas Simaku via University of York, Yarn/Wire via the artists, installation by St Celfer, Marco Stroppa via the artist.