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Kay Gordy on Dead End Jobs with Elaine Viets

Kay Gordy on Dead End Jobs with Elaine Viets

After Kay graduated from university she suffered from a combination of wanderlust and an aversion to growing up and living a "real" life (ie: marriage, job, house, children). So she and a friend hopped a freighter and traveled the world for two years, living with locals and working to earn enough money to move on. Eventually she came back to the U.S. and that "real" life but was left with an abiding yearning to know more about the people and cultures of the world.
Now retired, single, and with an empty nest, she continues to find ways to travel, make friends, and learn more about people around the globe - all on a very limited budget. Kay lives in Florida and California but you might run into her just about anywhere.


Donna Sugarman

Pamela Pan...I like that...she was great...just love you guys!


Interesting travel story by my cousin Kay, you should take the time to listen, you won't be sorry!


It was lovely to hear Kay's voice again. The last time was in Spain at Cotto del Valle, with Pueblo Ingles. I shared a room with Kay and her friend for a week. She was so amusing and interesting. Anyway I'm off to Madrid again in 11 days time to talk for England once again. Kay just mentione me on air-and my offer to stay with us in Shrewsbury, a town with so many Tudor buildings, and for more than 2 nights is still open! I make a wonderful English roast beef!Best wishes from Christine UK