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Rob Potter and VOL with Corey Goode and the Blue Avians Part 1 04-07-2016

Rob Potter and VOL with Corey Goode and the Blue Avians Part 1 04-07-2016

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Rob Potter and Victory of the Light Radio Show with Guest Corey Goode Part 1
"This is part one of a two interview with Corey Goode a fine gentleman who has come forth at a great personal sacrifice to push for Full Disclosure of all elements of truth in regards to the International Secret Space Program. He has a unique and powerful twist in that he has actually been part of this program for many years. His balanced approach and matter of fact revelations are giving great detail to many of the theories of what has been going on Rob and Corey barely open up a small segment of this very complex and exciting subject. Prepare to have your mind blown by an extraordinary person who has been chosen by a positive group of Space beings now called the Blue Sphere Beings.

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Very nice change, Corey could talk with-out so much interruption. Good job Rob, get him back asap please.

Gina Barbee-Pierce

I love how all you are coming together! Keep on keepin on❤️


i have contact wet the spere being group , i record them on camera for years now , i understand the message that the beings are sending , al my work is online to look inside thx


Higher beings, I call them somewhat below the level of Star Trek's Q. The Sphere beings have difficulty communicating with 3D being like ourselves. They need help with their communications. L.Ron Hubbard will help them out.