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Rob Potter and Red Dragon Ambassador Part 1 July 2015

Rob Potter and Red Dragon Ambassador Part 1 July 2015

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The Red Dragon Ambassador did not know that Rob has some deep seated money issues. To the ambassadors credit he remained calm and cool as Rob was having his Conceptions fits over some of the ambassadors answers. Anyway I was definitely concerned as I interviewed the ambassador, this month. I must say the ambassador as a person feels very sincere and my intuition is that he is acting based on his feelings that the "Dragon Elders" he represents are good guys and well intended.
I will grant him that this may be true. I have not really followed his information that much so when I heard that the elder is supposedly an Annunaki Reptilian hybrid who has been in charge of the worlds finances for several thousands of years. The ambassador argued humanity allowed this to happen and many other things that were little thorns in my mental mind when trying to assess his information.


Natalie Pink

it's the child's fault if he/she got abused? or the woman was wearing very provocative clothes and that's why she got raped? really... what happened beings having self control and having higher altruistic values that do not exploit others?


He says it is humanity's fault but how can we be expected to make right decisions when we are told nothing but lies. The truth of all things have been hidden from us but we are just to automatically know the right thing to do? You are interviewing the Devil's advocate.

Michael Jordan

I agree. As I see it, there's no such thing as "fault". It's a misidentification of one person/group/thing being solely responsible for something; which is not how reality works. Fault is a limited subjective judgment that locks our focus. Judgment prevents understanding that everything in the universe is simply behaving according to its environmental conditions, even those perceived as different or bad.