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Fun surf covers of modern songs. Modern surf groups doing what The Ventures and Shadows did with their contemporary music. "This is easily one of the most consistently good compilations I've heard in ages. Great bands recorded well with solid rearranging of standards. Inventive and excellent listening." Phil Dirt Reverb Central


Playing tracks by The Swamp Coolers, Los Derrumbes, The Bitch Boys, The Astroglides, Don's Mobile Barbers and more.

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Car Tunes Radio

Thoroughly enjoyed this - thanks so much! The entire 'Beyond The Sea' series looks fabulous.


love surf music also! playing this is the time for it now that it;s summer good selections

The Captain Maniac Show

I always love surf music, whether it be vintage 60s back to the beach tunes or the present-day evolution, and I must say the theme on your show is just what I needed!


Thanks Captain!



Prog ID Kevin PsychedelicJukebox Kevin Anthony (0:09)
The Swamp Coolers - My Favourite Things (3:21)
Los Derrumbes - Viva Las Vegas (2:42)
The Bitch Boys - Take on Me (2:49)
The Astroglides - The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1:40)
Karen Youre Listening to Psychedelic Jukebox (0:09)
Don's Mobile Barbers - I'm Not in Love (2:26)
The Detonators - Then He Kissed Me (2:45)
Los Fantasticos - Mexican Whistler (2:02)
The Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Auld Lang Syne (2:07)
Psychedelic Jukebox Drop (0:09)
The Pyronauts - Funeral March of a Marionette (2:30)
Kahuna Kawentzman - Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus (3:46)
Cobalt & the Aquabears - Rock and Roll High School (2:35)
Estrume'n'tal - Redemption Surf (Redemption Song) (2:16)
Blow Your Mind Alan3 (0:09)
Fudge - Barbie Girl (3:40)
Nova Surfer - The One I Love (2:52)
Our Flying Saucer - You Sexy Thing (4:02)
RNA - Surfer Freak (Super Freak) (2:57)
Psychedelic Jukebox ID (0:08)
Monkey Versus Robot - The Spongebob Squarepants Theme Tune (1:53)
The Vivisectors - Another Brick in the Wall. Pt. 2 (3:31)
The Muffinmates - I Only Wanna Be with You (2:14)
The Urban Surf Kings - Hurray for Hollywood (2:33)
feed voxjunction dot co dot uk (0:09)
The Lost Boys of Penzance - Cinnamon Girl (2:36)
The Reluctant Aquanauts - Travelin' Man (2:22)
Pegleg - Dance of the King of the World of Maya (8:02)
The Cocktail Preachers - Blue Velvet (2:44)
The Music You Want ID (0:07)
The Thurston Lava Tube - Bohemian Rhapsody (5:08)
The Aquamarines - Beyond the Sea (3:05)
Scott Colby - Obligatory Blues
The Detonators - These boots were made for walking
Tell A Friend Psychedelic Jukebox Dot Com (0:09)
The Glasgow Tiki Shakers - I only want to be with you (2:26)
The Swamp Coolers - El Diablo De Polvo (3:43)
Lost Boys of Penzance - Disadvantages of You
FB Twitter Darren (0:11)
Monkey Versus Robot - Third Man Theme (3:25)
Our Flying Saucer - Mar Gaya (3:21)
Your're Listening to PsychedelicJukebox1 ID (0:09)