3 - PR Podcast with guest Jan Williamson

3 - PR Podcast with guest Jan Williamson

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3 - PR Podcast with guest Jan Williamson

Martyn & Olivia welcome you to the Professional Reflexology Podcast

Our special guest this episode is Jan Williamson - from Precision Reflexology. She is an incredibly experienced Reflexology tutor, yoga teacher and author and she teaches precision work through her CPD courses, both in the UK and abroad.

Precision work is unusual in that it is not reliant on force or physical pressure to achieve its aims. Each client is treated as an individual and receives the benefits in a manner that is effective for them at the time that they receive the treatment. In this way each person's own energies are used in the healing process and will be appropriate on all levels of their being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Martyn and Jan have known each other for a very long time so they get right into the workings and beliefs behind the therapy, and theres some valuable advice for new and experienced therapists along the way