Socially Just Climate Futures in Philadelphia

Socially Just Climate Futures in Philadelphia

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Socially Just Climate Futures in Philadelphia

Temple U Geography of Hazards class, Dr. Hamil Pearsall

00:01:30-Tending Trees, Creating Community
Students: Connor Caruso, Imer Huertas, Jessica Quinones, Kelly Shields
Partner: Mindy Maslin, PA Horticultural Soc.

00:11:30-Puddle Troubles
Students: Andrew Barron, Maddy Miller, Caroline Muehlbronner, Alesha Rinker, Max Urban
Partner: Zachary Popkin, Phila Water Dept.

00:20:59-Obstacles faced by Puerto Rican evacuees
Students: Jillian Eller, Alyssa O'Dea, Mario Rocchi, Eric Sphar
Partner: Chad Thomas, Phila Dept. of Public Health

00:34:48-Sustainability on TU's campus + the Community
Students: Rachel Hreben, Lauren Moore, Emilee Matey, Natalie Wulff
Partner: Kathleen Grady, TU Office of Sustainability

Science communication: Planet Philadelphia, and Richard Johnson, CUSP
Podcast Production: Tim Chaten
Intro music: Andrew Barron created for the student podcasts.
Addit'l music: Andy G. Cohen

Funded by the Franklin Inst’s Climate and Urban Systems Partnership