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  • 6 months ago
Deep & Dreamy Drum & Bass 11

Deep & Dreamy Drum & Bass 11

Playing tracks by

Athena, Flowrian, Simstah, Decon, Henry, Echo Motion, Calibre and more.

Chart positions

This show was 6th in the global drum and bass chart, 10th in the global liquid drum and bass chart, 11th in the global dnb chart and 20th in the global drum & bass chart.

Hope you enjoy the tunes :)



So good! Solid mix Phil!

Phil fortunecookie20

Cheers Sepoys! Appreciate the comments, glad you enjoyed :) 👊🙏

Phil Tristram

Really nice once again Phil. Love that last one and that one of yours in there is great.. you been making stuff for long?

Phil fortunecookie20

Hey Phil! Cheers for checking it out - glad you enjoyed it mate. Yeah, I've been tinkering on the tune making front for the last 6 months or so - half a dozen efforts have made it up on to soundcloud to date! Hope you're well mate :)


stunning set sir :-) simply splendid ceremonial sooth solution selection, soiree seeming salacious sounding cerebral smooth symposium, suggestive synapse stroking start spark stoking smoldered smokin sound seduction, substantial stress subtraction sound strategist serves sugar sweet serendipitous solvent, simile speaking streamed sereneness session secures certain soul savior specialist certification :-)

Phil fortunecookie20

Thank you very much indeed for your thoughtful poem, which I enjoyed very much! Wonderful words woven, lovely lyrics left! Nice one. Really glad you enjoyed the ride. Happy holidays! Cheers :)



unit grooves

Bit behind with my listens again, great mix here! Love the select and your nice way to perform things 🎼🎶👌💯❤️🎵🕺😎🙏 Big up!

Phil fortunecookie20

Hey thanks Unit! No problem, it's impossible to keep up with it all! Really appreciate you checking it out, & glad you enjoyed. Big respects back your way, take care! 👊🙏

DJ Embryo
DJ Embryo

definitely enjoyed :) big ups bro

Phil fortunecookie20

Cheers Embryo, nice one! Many thanks for the comments and support, glad you enjoyed! Big respect! Take care 👊


Yes Phil recharging me nicely and just hit on your new track Lonely Heart Boy seamless transition and what a tune have a great weekend bro Bigup 👊

Phil fortunecookie20

Thanks very much amigo! Much appreciated, glad to help with the recharging! 😂 Have a great weekend too, nice one 👊

Jimmy Ralph

Another superb addition to his awesome series Phil! Super sharp mixing throughout and an insanely good tracklist :) my absolute standout track (other than Lonely Heart Boy of course) was Artefacts, Akruatyde makes some deadly tracks! Elixir, One Step, Free Flow and Sinner also all wonderful and I will be trying to include them in future sessions :) a brilliant journey Phil, big up and have a great weekend!

Phil fortunecookie20

Thank you very much Jimmy! Much appreciated. Nice picks - totally agree about Artifacts, I love it - quite a distinctive sound and vibe I think. Lots of lovely tunes from Akuratyde as you say. Elixr and One Step are great examples of that deep yet funky sweet spot I think, Free Flow meanwhile has got that enormous baseline which feels like wading through treacle (in a good way)! And Sinner has got Secret Garden written all over it! Have great weekend, cheers again for your support :)


Wow Phil I think I've just found my new favourite D&DDnB! As with Jb & Jimmy's collab I was listening whilst in the car today so wasn't paying attention to tracks etc just letting the tunes flow over me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience this one gave me! Saying that, I will have another listen to this one as there are a few tracks I did want to grab 🤣. Excellent work Phil, as I said, my new fav of yours 💯👊🙏

Phil fortunecookie20

Hey Cameron, thanks for checking the mix out - really glad yo hear you've enjoyed it! Much appreciated, cheers for the comments and support. (And nice one for your new mix with Scott too)! Take care :)


Well, of course it’s possible to have a mix where the track titles tell a story, I do that in every set… as so the lyrics… you did it here I think, perhaps just not consciously ….

Phil fortunecookie20

Indeed you do. Look forward to some more stories soon :)


Phil, really loving your tunes mate, keep them coming. Will have to check out the Soundcloud, I reckon I could do a full mix with Mixcloud artists work now and it would be high quality. Do you have a tracklist for this beauty?

Phil fortunecookie20

Hey Slim, thanks very much indeed - really appreciate the feedback & support :) I think you might be right about the artist mix, and would be honoured to be featured if I made the cut! Really enjoyed the latest vocalist mix btw 👌. Tracklist to follow shortly.....

Phil fortunecookie20

1. Elixr - Athena
2. No Sorrows - Flowrian & Simstah
3. Groove X - Decon
4. Worth Something - Henry & Echo Motion
5. Nearly Nothing - Calibre
6. One Step - Stimpy
7. Speak Your Mind - Soul Connection
8. Artifacts - Kharm, Akuratyde
9. Do Not Look Back - Phase
10. Heart of Love - SKC & Bratwa
11. Lonely Heart Boy - fortunecookie20
12. Flavour - governmentfun
13. No One Else - Alix Perez & Ivy Lab
14. City Section - Commix
15. No Words - Citra
16. Maximus - Flowrian
17. Free Flow - Kublai
18. Sentiment - HEFT
19. Cure Amen - Calibre
20. Black Mountain - Calibre & Jet Li
21. Sinner - Revaux & Azlan
22. Selective memory - Wardown