Double K Vs. Mogpaws

Double K Vs. Mogpaws

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Double K Vs. Mogpaws
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My good mate Mogpaws of Simmer Down fame moved back to Toronto recently from a little stint in Brazil. He ended up moving literally around the corner from me, so we decided to get together one rainy Sunday afternoon and have a meeting of the minds. He arrived with some delicious vinyl and we went 3 songs back and forth until we reached the 120-minute mark. I’m very happy to have for the fist time on this site a mix created by two people going on musical journey through the realms of soul, funk, jazz, Brazilian and Latin music.

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Playing tracks by Jermy Steig, Mulatu astatke, Ray Bryant, Hugh Masekela, Guynamukat and more.


Manita Holtrop

Groovy baby....


Great set!!! Peace and SOUL... HSB


The best part of the battle was stealing 45s while you were in the bathroom and preparing us vodka & orange juice (Aka Screwdrivers)


yes indeed, this is sweet.