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Part One. Radio Interview with Ian R Crane on Bay FM By Oliver McElligott

Part One. Radio Interview with Ian R Crane on Bay FM By Oliver McElligott

Part One Radio interview with Ian R Crane. Re his lecture tour on the East Coast of Australia November 2012.


Don M Peterson

The ABSOLUTE.....thank you so much ALL must work together ....and at my 70 years of saging ( 40 years as a Public_Skrool_ Teacher)...I will absorb what what I learned and pay it forward

Ian R Crane

Industry Agent? LOL!! The industry agents are working 'Deep Cover' inside LTG. They are the ones who restrict LTG activities to ineffectual protest and ineffectual community meetings. Do you know what corporations really fear? Do you really understand why Australia is being turned into the World's Quarry? Do you really understand why the mining industry paid a big fat $ZERO in taxes in the first quarter of this year; why the wealthiest 'Resource Nation' has a National Debt equal to 95% of GDP (Source: World Bank) or why Australians have the highest level of personal debt of any Country on the Planet? Apparently not ... and apparently you're not interested either. Big Oil Loves ya Brother!!

Katie Wright Whale Song

I totally agree with Ian about experience of being silenced by LTG controllers is that it is definitely Controlled Opposition .. They do not want anything real put out to activists...they have even blocked me from talking about Scaler Energy.. this energy would provide free clean technology that would see everyone on the planet living sustainably... It is the energy being used by HAARP to control our could be used not only to free us from oil and gas but also to clean up all the environmental messes ... but LTG Controllers do not want people to know about the solutions we could be promoting... A lot of them are obviously on a pay roll

Mike Mizzi

Load of bullshit about LTG. He is an industry double agent trying to undermine the LTG movement.