Classics for All - pianist Oleg Pereverzev

Classics for All - pianist Oleg Pereverzev

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Classics for All - pianist Oleg Pereverzev
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7 April in Kazakhstan went online album of the famous pianist Oleg Pereversev. Create an album entitled "Classics for All" is confined to listening to the public, and to promote the Kazakh school of pianism. After Oleg Pereversev continuing the tradition of Beethoven and Liszt in the eighth generation. The work was conducted during the year, the choice of repertoire, recording, mixing. The album includes the classic "hits" of different eras, beginning with Bach and ending with his own. Also pianist written a treatment for Piano famous song Abay - "Kozimnin karasy." Classical music plays a significant role in the life of a pianist. In addition to performances in the group "CHICK FLICK" he also tries to perform solo and with orchestra.
Oleg also has participated and won prizes in international competitions, TV show "Minute of Fame", "Ukraine Got talent." Album "Classics for All" you can listen and download on the Internet.


Playing tracks by Bach, Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and more.