Memories of Hyperspace

Memories of Hyperspace

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Memories of Hyperspace
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My label mate, Mikael (aka Maps of Hyperspace), recently and unexpectedly passed away. It has been both tragic and unfortunate to loose such a talented producer and wonderful person. I will always cherish the moments in which we collaborated on music together. As a tribute to Mikael I made this mix, showcasing our various collaborations over the years. RIP Maps of Hyperspace. Your memories and music will live on, always.

00:00 Maps Of Hyperspace - A Sense Of Unity (Off Land recon)
04:41 Off Land - Steep Grade (Maps Of Hyperspace remix)
11:40 Off Land - Moving Earth (Maps Of Hyperspace's placid space mix)
16:42 Maps Of Hyperspace - Ganesh (Off Land recon)
21:53 Maps Of Hyperspace - The Bodhisattva Knows (Off Land remix)*
28:20 Off Land - Aegirine (Maps Of Hyperspace remix)*

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* currently unreleased


Playing tracks by Maps Of Hyperspace and Off Land.


John Hartmann

Quarantine in Hyperspace hehe

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❤️🎧 Thank you Tim.