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Obey The Riff #100 - Part I & II (Mixtape)

Obey The Riff #100 - Part I & II (Mixtape)

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YOB, Grotto, Elephant Tree, Monobrow, Black Sabbath and more.

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This upload was 1st in the #metal chart and 8th in the #rock chart.

Obey The Riff #100

Ten hour special mixtape with the best of old and new, divided into 6 exciting chapters. A vast selection of our favorite and mostly recent (post 2000) artist in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz, psych and prog rock!

Live stream took place on July 22th between 4 PM and 2 AM at Villa Bota, Bruges.

I - Revolutionary Journeys (tracks 1-22)
II - Blistering Back Roads (tracks 23-55)

Detailed tracklist can be found in the comments!


Obey The Riff

Looong overdue, but here's the tracklist (finally):

0 - 11m00: Yob - Ball of Molten Lead
11m01 - 19m26: Grotto - Giant's Den
19m27 - 27m34: Elephant Tree - Attack of the Altaïca
27m35 - 36m25: Monobrow - Capes and Monocles
36m26 - 45m53: Black Sabbath - Megalomania
45m54 - 57m06: Elder - Sanctuary
57m07 - 59m43: Baroness - Steel That Sleeps The Eye
59:44 - 1h04m21: La Jungle - Technically You're Dead
1h04m22 - 1h08m11: Here LiesMan - Belt of the Sun
1h08m12 - 1h16m35: Black Mountain - Mothers of the Sun
1h16m36 - 1h20m37: Chelsea Wolfe - 16 Psyche
1h20m37 - 1h23m09 Zip-Tie Handcuffs - City Sewers
1h23m09 - 1h36m10: Geezer - Dirty Penny
1h36m11 - 1h47m15 Egypt - Cracks and Lines
1h47m15 - 2h02m12: ???
2h02m12 - 2h03m52: Melvins - Mombius Hibachi
2h03m52 -2h08m32: Flying Hair - Babies Crying
2h08m32 - 2h12m13: Lightsabres - Beheaded
2h12m14 - 2h16m05: 35007 - Soulmachine
2h16m05 - 2h19m14: Mastodon - Circle of Cysquatch
2h19m15 - 2h26m37: Dopelord - Children of Haze
2h26m38 - 2h36m19: Isis - Threshold of Transformation
2h36m19 - 2h40m25: Five Horse Johnson - Smoke Show
2h40m26 - 2h45m22: Orange Goblin - Saruman's Wish
2h45m23 - 2h50m53: Motörhead - Killed By Death
2h50m54 - 2h52m31: Zeke - Mountain Man
2h52m32 - 2h55m10: The Atomic Bitchwax - Liquor Queen
2h55m11 - 2h59m05: Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
2h59m06 - 3h06m53: Petyr - Texas Igloo
3h06m53 - 3h13m53: The Shrine - Space Stepping
3h13m53 - 3h18m14: Deep Purple - Space Truckin'
3h18m14 - 3h22m22: The Watchers - Just a Needle
3h22m22 - 3h27m05: Kadavar - Thousand of Miles Away From Home
3h27m05 - 3h29m19: Fu Manchu - Today's Too Soon
3h29m20 - 3h33m38: Karma To Burn - Twenty Eight
3h33m38 - 3h40m50: Mothership - Eye Of Sphinx
3h40m50 - 3h43m20: Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
3h43m20 - 3h49m30: Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel
3h49m30 - 3h53m10: Sasquatch - More Than You'll Ever Be
3h53m10 - 3h47m48: Goatsnake - El Coyote
3h47m48 - 4h01m19: Mammoth Mammoth - Sleepwalker
4h01m19 - 4h04m47: Slo-Burn - Pilot The Dune
4h04m47 - 4h08m47: Dozer - The Hills Have Eyes
4h08m47 - 4h13m15: CLutch - D.C. Sound Attack
4h13m15 - 4h17m20: The Picturebooks - Bad Habits Die Hard
4h17m20 - 4h20m42: Buffalo Fuzz - Ain't Seen a Cent
4h20m42 - 4h23m34: Dirty Fences - Heartbeater
4h23m34 - 4h25m15: American Sharks - Cocaine
4h25m15 - 4h29m01: Barn Burner - Scum of the Earth
4h29m01 - 4h31m39: Doomriders - Black Thunder
4h31m39 - 4h36m05: Turbonegro - Sell your Body (To The Night)
4h36m05 - 4h40m46: Zig Zags - Night of the Knife
4h40m46 - 4h45m11: Spidergawd - Is This Love..?
4h45m11 - 4h49m33: Youngblood Supercult - Draugr
4h49m33 - 4h58m35: The Obsessed - On So Long

Pierro Lefoo
Pierro Lefoo

Couldn't find the time to listen to it before, such a great selection!!!



Zsuzsanna Gyürki

Can't wait the tracklist, this mixtape is pure gold (again) :)

Bart Bartier

Looking forward to the tracklist :)

Tom Maene
Tom Maene


A.J. Ax
A.J. Ax

So that's where you guys have been!


RHooooooooooooooo !

Joris Vanhoorne