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Sonido Organico Episode 3 :: IAmDeeScott :: (BoxBerryMusic-London) 1.21.13

Sonido Organico Episode 3 :: IAmDeeScott :: (BoxBerryMusic-London) 1.21.13

Playing tracks by

Stimming & Einmusik, Duke Dumont, Gerd, Roy Davis Jr, Catz N' Dogz, Pol on and more.

O B L I V I O Records ::presents:: Sonido Organico Exclusive! Episode 3. ::IAmDeeScott (BoxBerryMusic-London):: 1.21.13
PLEASE Read the interview below to get to know a little about Today's Show Special Guest :: IAmDeeScott ::
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Tony Banh
Tony Banh

Nice grooves brother!

Sonido Organico Series

1. Where does DeeScott comes from?:
over the last year ive been through a good few names, and finally settled on dee scott, which is basically a play on where im from.. my mum is dominican and my dad is scottish, so its basically a homage to them .
2. What is DeeScott concept/Style?: & 3. How does DeeScott describes her sets?:
im a producer mainly. my style is varied, i love all music so i dont like to make or play just one thing. the good thing about whats going on at the moment is genre mixing is being embraced, which it wasn't for so many years. i remember when i first started djing/producing, you had to choose a genre and stick to it, but now people want to hear a variety and i have a lot more freedom with the musical selection and choices i make. its great because those are my favourite type of djs sets and also types of records... mixed genre, experimenting with sounds and synths and also incorporating acoustic instruments in to the mix is something i love ...
4. What are DeeScott short and long time goals as a Music maker and as a Music player, respectively?:
to make a classic record. to create music that people will listen to in 20 years and say " thats a shit hot track" . i think thats every music makers dream..
5. Favorite Place to play?:
brixton jamm
6. Best party attended?:
ooo thats a hard one.... all gigs where HARRY LOVE has played hahah
7. Upcoming Gigs?:
CATCH 31st jan
8. Upcoming Releases?:
nothing set in stone but im in the middle of a mixtape and an EP , which im looking to release in march
9. Favorite Track to play out?:
im going to be controversial here and say old skool jay -z , i love throwing in big pimping into my sets these days , usually when im doing drum n bass sets.. but the crowd goes fucking ape shit
10. What other kinds of music is DeeScott into?:
ok so its a long list, drum n bass to hiphop to deep house tec house minimal house, indie rock n roll heavy metal is a huge love of mine!!! deftones is my favourite band eEVER!!! and VItalic is my favourite electronic producer, his style is amazing.
11. Where can you find DeeScott?:
12. Best party DeeScott dj'ed at?:
93 feet east summer of 2010 & mexico with you !!! hahahah