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Not A Couple S01E19 Will Works Out

Not A Couple S01E19 Will Works Out

This episode's a bit longer than usual, because it's tough for Matthew and Tess to stop talking about how much of an asshat Will is to Jack. It's the semi-iconic episode where W&G drops the F word at the gym...and we aren't talking about "Frenchman."


Not A Couple

Kevin, I love love love your long comment, and I'm super duper excited to respond a little more specifically later on (I'm totally at my desk at my job pretending to work right now YOLO).

The meta episode we talked about at the end is Season 2, Episode 14 Acting Out. So, we're getting there!

Thanks so much for listening! XOXO -Tess

Kevin Wright

Even though I hated Will (or at least this particular incarnation of Will) , I liked this episode because it was totally necessary for 90's television. Yeah it looks a little off in 2016, but like you said, it paved the way for other TV shows that might not have existed, and started a discussion that needed to be started. Joe Biden was right when he said that W&G did more than anyone/anything else to educate the public and influence public opinion about the LGBT community. (when I tell people this, they go "no it didn't, it's just a tv show" which pisses me off so much because tv shows can be REALLY important in influencing public opinion and sparking political changes.)
The execution of the episode itself wasn't without flaws but I feel like the producers probably didn't want to cram an after school special into a 20 minute episode. Instead, in true Will & Grace fashion, they wanted to address it, briefly talk about, make a joke and move on, - instead of resolving it, they'd leave it open for audiences to interpret and discuss. All while keeping the light and breezy sitcom vibe. But just knowing that this episode might have provoked some people to think before they speak, in 1999, is huge.
One of the reasons I knew this episode was iconic is because it actually stuck out in my memory. (and there's only a handful of episodes that really stick out in my memory). Like Tess I had no idea this was in Season 1. I'm glad they went there so early, because it established itself as not as a straight show that has a couple of gay characters and makes gay jokes, but as a show that is full on gay-themed and really addresses gay issues and isn't afraid to really GO there. I appreciated that.
I also thought it was interesting to hear the "F word" from a gay man and explored how that was problematic (in relation to internalized homphobia/effemophobia), rather than go the obvious route and have it from some random dudebro in the heterosexual gym. They could easily have had Richard be the homophobic douche and addressed it from there, but for Will to be the one to say it and have him realize that he's a Bad Gay Man and that he has a certain privilege over Jack - is interesting and I'm glad they went there.
The other reason I liked the episode is because it's the first time Jack is really a character rather than just a comedic foil. Which works for me because he's easily my favorite character.
At the end you brought up one of my favorite episodes - Is that one coming up soon? Without going into detail, I loved that episode. It was so meta and I love me some meta.
Okay I think that's everything, LOL. Thanks for this episode and I'm happy it ran a little longer than usual, even if it's talking about Will being an asshat. Because he was an asshat and he totally deserved it.

Kevin Wright

okay, correction: I meant the gay community, not necessarily the LGBT community. I mean, I love this show but they didn't do much for the bisexual or transgender community aside from giving them an occasional shout-out, lol