Post From the Attick

Post From the Attick

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Post From the Attick
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A first for Nerd Show, this mix was created by friend of the show Greg Attick.

Greg is a long-time vinyl DJ with expert taste in the best of house and brings his turntable talent to the show with stunning results. This mix includes a list of artists I'd never heard of prior to, with only a single exception. It's dense, emotional, and represents a tumultuous time in Greg's recent past.

This is incredible, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Playing tracks by Fairmont, Duyster, Jon Hopkins, The Visitors Attak, Sid Le Rock and more.


Greg Attick

I'm proud to be able to contribute! I hope people will find this mini guest mix enjoyable, I'm very happy with it. I love sharing great music.


I'm so pleased with how this mix came out!

Barbara Attick

I like this very much, such talent