Nerd Show Podcast - 10 October, 2013

Nerd Show Podcast - 10 October, 2013

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Nerd Show Podcast - 10 October, 2013
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It's the time of year where a University radio station covers many sports broadcasts, and this Thursday was no exception. I also seem to have continuing poor luck with getting a mic working in studio, which is irritating to no end. As there will be more of these broadcasts/recording done from Nerd Show studios in the next 4-5 months, I'll work to get that rectified.

Great new music this week, and some of it a surprise. with Deco being the most interesting find of the week. We've also got an album by Boldy James, produced by Alchemist, and some tracks from the Boards of Canada reissue, which sounds incredible. Finally, the new album from Om Unit is here, and it's sounding like an incredible journey.

Oh, I got an Fiio E07K headphone amp / USB DAC for use with my headphones. It's incredible how much difference a great sounding amplifier makes headphones shine.


Playing tracks by Boards of Canada, Deco, Om Unit, Boldy James, Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten Orchestra and more.