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  • 7 years ago
Universal Radio Side II

Universal Radio Side II

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1've B33n Try1n9, Th3 En19ma [NTT Mix], C10se Ch0ru5 [NTT Mix], 1n Th3 Pr3t3nd W0r1d, 5c13nc3 0f F3ar [additional production by DJ 5had0w] and more.



Universal Radio Side II

10 1've B33n Try1n9 - DJ 5had0w
11 Th3 En19ma [NTT Mix] - R1ck Wa3eman [w/Cave With Water
Drip + David Wilcock via C2CAM]
12 C10se Ch0ru5 [NTT Mix] - A 5unny Day 1n 91as90w [w/Brooks
Agnew via C2CAM]
13 A1r5pac3 [by M0ra1] V L. A. Marzu11i [via C2CAM]
14 1n Th3 Pr3t3nd W0r1d - 5car1ing
15 5c13nc3 0f F3ar - Th3 T3mp3r Trap [additional production by
DJ 5had0w]
16 P3rfum3 4 W1nt3r [by F3nn3sz] V Clif High [via R3n53 Rad10]
17 Utop1a [NTT Hybrid Edit] - G01dfrapp [5unr00f Mix + Album]
18 Wa1k W1th M3 - M0by
19 5urr0und3d By L1ght [by T1est0] V Clif High [via R3n53 Rad10]

Created on 11.13.10