Lipstick Studios - 29th April 2015

Lipstick Studios - 29th April 2015

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Lipstick Studios - 29th April 2015


Lipstick Studios is a monthly show exploring art, culture and ideas. Each episode focuses on a theme, explored through interviews, studies, reports, chats and laughs - from online feminism, to the secret life of plants, or summer solstice at stonehenge.

Anne Carson! If you haven't heard of Anne Carson you're in for a treat with this month's Lipstick Studios. Earlier this month Angela and Braden traveled to Princeton University to cover a conference devoted entirely to the work and character of Anne Carson - arguably one of the most brilliant and mysterious literary figures of our time. This special episode brings together different voices and thoughts on translation, authorship, mythology and what it means to be an academic, artist and beyond.