708 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Jazz Byers

708 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Jazz Byers

2 months ago
708 the Pennsylvania Rock Show with Jazz Byers

In episode 708 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, our featured guest is Jazz Byers, a scene stalwart and a member of several bands, including Half Wheel, Homicide Black, Scarlet O'Hara, JMJ, Silk9, and more. Jazz is also the owner of Rattleclack Entertainment, which encompasses a recording studio and an independent label. Additionally, he hosts Jazz's Rockin' Roadshow on Music from the 412. Join Jazz Byers as he takes you on a musical journey through different cities and cool places, making friends and enjoying the local music scene. Jazz always returns to Pittsburgh in each episode to conduct interviews and showcase performances from the featured band. For more on Jazz Byers and his adventures, visit Half Wheel, Silk9, Rattleclack Entertainment, and Music from the 412. Don't miss the excitement and diverse sounds on Jazz's Rockin' Roadshow!


Playing tracks by Para Bellum, Build the Scene, Half Wheel, JMJ, Jazz Byers and more.

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