4/6/2016 - Luciano Berio's "Sinfonia"

4/6/2016 - Luciano Berio's "Sinfonia"

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4/6/2016 - Luciano Berio's "Sinfonia"
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Hosts: Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Aristéa Mellos, Diana Rosenblum, Nick Morandi

This week, we present Berio's (1925-2003) seminal work Sinfonia, along with an early version of the second movement, "O King," performed by Eastman's own Musica Nova.


“O King” (@ 15:15)
Performers: Eastman Musica Nova, conducted by Edo Frenkel

Sinfonia mvts. 1-3 (@ 23:14)
Sinfonia, mvts. 4-5 (@ 48:03) (mvt. 5 incomplete)
New Swingle Singers, Orchestre National de France, conducted by Pierre Boulez


Playing tracks by Music Matters, Eastman Musica Nova, Edo Frenkel and New Swingle Singers, Orchestre National de France, Pierre Boulez.