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How to Get Your Podcast Listed in iTunes

How to Get Your Podcast Listed in iTunes Did you ever want to know what it takes to get your podcast listed in iTunes? I walk you through the steps of how to get your show on iTunes and recommend some of the top podcasts about podcasting.
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The Sean Jackson Show

Ms Ileane.. are you saying, in order to get listed on itunes we have to MOVE our podcast to libsyn or blubrry? Or can we continue releasing the content here and use the other site for the feed.

Ms Ileane Speaks

Yes! I recommend using the RSS feed from Libsyn or Blubrry. The MixCloud RSS feed will not work on iTunes.

Wordplay Magazine

I'm struggling to get Mixcloud to create a suitable RSS feed. i-Tunes says that it can't download the show. Any suggestions? Thanks

Ms Ileane Speaks

Rock Prodigy - iTunes always has the final say on the royalty issue.

Rock Prodigy Radio Podcasts

The free alternatives you mention, do they all cover author royalties for featured music or not? Important detail...

James Pruitt

sweeet miss Ileane. thanks for thinking of me. now I gotta go get my show listed since I moved it to my blog.