Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mixtape

Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mixtape

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Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mixtape
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This is one side of a mix tape that was sold in Manchester's Funky Banana record shop in 1992. I only did 20 copies, although most people heard it when it was given away on the Ninja Tune xx website as part of their 20th Birthday celebrations. This was done using 2 decks, a mixer & pause button edits on a cassette deck. Old School vibes! Thanks to Phil Hendrick for the cover photo..

The track listing is almost complete.. as I did the mix 23 years ago, and my memory isn't what it used to be, there are a few elusive tracks that escaped identification. Any help is appreciated, so if you know any of the missing tracks, let me know! I am part-way through timestamping the whole thing. Bear in mind that there are 2 tracks playing at the same time for most of the mix, so the track ID will change when a new element comes in.


Playing tracks by Quincy Jones, Showbiz & AG, KRS One, Digital Underground, J.V.C FORCE and more.



Wasn't looking for this particular scruff but I'm glad I found it. Local jams with #djdazwillot


Growing up in the 90's and remembering these old school songs 👍❤️


Proppa..... Nice one

Heveril Russell


Tommy Flynn

thank you

Tommy Flynn

i absolutely love it


Dope as hell 💯


Thank you Mr Scruff. This mix makes me happy...

jakobdomino 1966

You're The King :) The Best from Aarhus, Denmark!!!!

Kir Corney


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