Some of my Most Favourite Records All in One Mix!

8 months ago

Hi All, I thought I would share this treat with you as a thank you to those who already Subscribe to my Mixcloud page and to encourage some of my other listeners to come onboard to access my 'Exclusive Mixes'.

It humbles me and blows my mind that some of you would take the step and Subscribe to my page and get the same level of enjoyment out of listening to this beautiful music like I do.

When thinking about what to share with you next, I realised that over the years I have been asked to provide quite a few Guest Mixes for radio shows and Dj mix podcasts and that many of these go unheard after their initial play. I thought why not share them with you guys, as I know you will appreciate them.

So on that note here is my latest, made for a Radio Show in the UK earlier this year. Made up of some of my most favourite, Soul, Jazz and Funky Soul 45s, I think you will enjoy this deep dive into my record collection.

More to come for you guys over the coming months and once again a huge huge thank you for your Subscriptions and support.

I hope wherever you are that you are safe and well.

Dj Mr Lob