New Season - New Music

4 months ago

Hi All, I hope this post finds you safe and well and making your way successfully through this new reality we are all living under.

For me here in Melbourne, Victoria it has meant lockdown for 5 months, no work since mid March and no idea if when and if the industry I have dedicated my life to for 20 years will ever return and if it does in what manner it will.

I have been living in the countryside for 6 months with my family and it has been a wonderful experience and we feel blessed to have had this time together.

Now though I have returned to the city and after a 2 month break have returned to making my weekly show.

I've worked hard to bring you the best music I have in my collection, some fo the new sounds I hear and to meld many genres together in a great 'dj mix' style show while also providing information on artists, labels and where you can find the music I play.

I would love for you all to stop by and check out the show and let me know what you think?

Here is the latest episode:

Also a big thank you to those who have continued to Subscribe to my Select Channel.

If possible for just US$2.99 a month you can support me that would help me to continue to support the artists I play by buying their music.

Thanks for your time and stay safe and well.

Dj Mr Lob