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Morning Feed: Jim Foster,  Independent Voices

Morning Feed: Jim Foster, Independent Voices

Ed talks to Jim about behind the scenes going ons in politics, the disappearing local news sources, and the birth of Independent Voices blog


Margaret Motheral

I wrote an affidavit with direct evidence of Alan Greenburger and many other high officials knew about demolition and their history of guilt. I sent it to Benshop's lawyer and a couple of weeks later, he had a new lawyer and a deal and no trial. The people of Philadelphia deserve the truth about City Council and higher levels of the city. They did not change anything. There are several demolition protocols and all of them demand removing adjacent neighbors. I have copies of everything. I'm posting nationally so the whole world will know and attach the evidence. It is not just L&I. Derek Green and Vernon Price and all of City Council allowed years of crimes and severe retaliation, injury and assault. Seth Williams allowed his buddies to commit felonies and then screamed about bad construction when he allowed felonies at Devon Street and deliberate injuries and felonies toward neighbor to cover up.