Skratch Bastid - Monkey Shoulder Live Mix

Skratch Bastid - Monkey Shoulder Live Mix

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Skratch Bastid - Monkey Shoulder Live Mix

Hey there, Skratch Bastid here.

Welcome to my mix! This features a range of hip-hop, soul/R&B, disco, and modern dance music that defies genre. Designed for you to catch a groove and take you on a journey. You may not expect what you're going to hear next, but I promise you it's got a flavour you're going to enjoy. Plenty of skratches and live remixes to keep you intrigued, but not so many that it takes you away from the main focus of having a good time and enjoying the music. Or at least I think so!

If you like what you hear, come find me on Twitch (where I recorded this mix), Youtube, Instagram, and all your other favourite parts of the World Wide Web. And do feel free to share it with a friend who may like the session.


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Duncan Emo

Awesome mix!


Ginger Monkey! Sir, this mix should be a lesson plan for DJs worldwide!!! Phenomenal mix brother! I know I’m late, but it better than never!

DJ Springs

Great mix as usual Skratch Bastid. What’s the track at around 31 minutes? An R&B remix of The most Beautifullest thing in the world?


If you don't like this mix, you need to check yer fentanyl intake.


Dope mix! 416 in the house!

SlimGetsRad aka SlimRuthless

Super dope mix as always Mr Bastid


Dope as fuck. Especially for a ginger Canuck! 😜


Nothing better than a Skratch Bastid mix, always a great selection not to mention the skills on the turntables 🔥🙌🏾🙏🏾👊🏾

Jeremy Ijuswannachill

whats the rhymes like dimes track??

DJ Hudson

Yeah I need that!


Excellent mix! I particularly enjoyed the P-Funk All Stars/Funkadelic/De La Soul/Sugar Hill Gang section. Also, DJ Double A sent me!

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