Team Rock Trek to Mount Kilimanjaro

Team Rock Trek to Mount Kilimanjaro

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Team Rock Trek to Mount Kilimanjaro
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Jason McCrossan

Monday Matters reporter Bonnie Britain spoke to Noel Sullivan, Lauren Samuels and Dan Fletcher who are embarking on a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro on the 2nd December 2014 for two charities: The lullaby trust and Bliss.

When Noel was younger, his family suffered two devastating tragedies; at only 6 months old, his brother, Dominic, was lost to sudden infant death syndrome. Just three years later, his sister, Alicia-Monique died prematurely aged nine days of complications relating to a brain tumour.

Noel wanted to find a way to honour his siblings memory and felt these charities best serve this purpose. He will be joined by both Lauren and Daniel a mammoth 8 day trek to an altitude of 19,341 feet!