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Interview with Albert Owen Anglesey's Labour MP 15.06.12

Interview with Albert Owen Anglesey's Labour MP 15.06.12

15.06.12 ar MonFM Albert Owen Ynys Môn Aelod Seneddol Llafur

15.06.12 on MonFM Albert Owen Anglesey's Labour MP



You are talking out of your posterior Albert and are avoiding in every possible way making any firm guarentees. If you seriously think seaonal low skill jobs is the way ahead then you have well passed your sell-by date.

If you want to see how these things are staffed go and visit places such as Brynteg down near Llanrug and study their staffing methods - because that is the standard industry 'model'. Agency workers on 10 month contracts, brought in from Greater Manchester and Merseyside, paid minimum wage with stoppages for accommodation and food.

You guarentee now that that will not happen. You guarentee that the majority of jobs will be skilled, full-time, year round and not mostly seasonal, minimum wage.

Tell you what, being as this is going to affect Holy Island, have local referendum. Think you may be in for a shock.

In Pursuit of God

This I'm afraid is a typical speech of a politician who knows he is going to be re-elected no matter what he does. The best quality jobs we could develop here is training people in methods to protect and enhance the environment. Anglesey could be a world leader in biodiversity and environmental training. We have a thriving tourist industry based on the fact that Anglesey is a peaceful place with beautiful countryside and fully accessable and stunning beaches. It would seem though that Mr Owen believes that the future is best served by bulldozing the beautiful areas such as Penrhos Nature reserve to create a few lowed paid seasonal jobs (seriously where are the unbelieveable job figures coming from, just look at any other chalet site and see how many jobs they have!). We also now have the forrest at Carregllwyd desicrated by a 4 day rave so that people can come here and take drugs out of view.
I feel sorry that Holyhead is set to loose Penrhos and Newry beach for schemes that will destroy the very reason why people may come here. I simply don't see how this makes any sense and feel disgusted that the people of the island are being treated so disgracefully. Perhaps Mr Owen would be best served actually listening to the people. Anglesey it would seem not only has a not listening MP but also now an un-elected dictated council setup as we were not allowed to vote this year. Do we really deserve this treatment?

Hilary Paterson-Jones

Shocking!! to think that Albert Owen in his own words says we want to attract high quality jobs??? what does he mean, part time seasonal Jobs, I hope my children aspire to more than that.
"The quality of life on Anglesey is high, but you have got to get that quality of life balance between good wages and good facilities and also natural environment which we have plenty and an abundance of here in Anglesey"....Well Mr Owen NOT for long will we in Holyhead have a 'Natural environment' !!!! If we lose Penrhos Nature Reserve!! We have been using Penrhos Nature Reserve for over 40 years, we will be losing the biodiversity of a woodland hundreds of years old, a woodland that has TPO's (tree preservation orders) on an area of an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) with 8 listed Buildings and the Beddmanarch Bay area designated an SSSI, Do any of these mean anything.? You are supposed to stand for the people of Holyhead. WE DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A CONCRETE JUNGLE WE DO NOT WANT THE WHOLE OF HOLYHEAD TO BE URBANISED!!.....We are NOT against the Development by Land & Lakes, but we Need to have the Environmental Balance continued. They should NOT be using any part of Penrhos to build these 'Chalets' on. Shame on you as a Political Leader, you have not listened to the people and you think your opinion is above that of your constituents and it comes down to whether YOU think things are right or wrong for the Island. Yes A/A want to be rid of All the land they own, they will not continue to spend on Penrhos, but it could be taken on board by the CCW or other Environmental organisations. For years A/A have had MANY grants to subsidise the up-keep of Penrhos, why can that not continue into the future?. What has become of the Welsh strategy woodland for Wales Targets? Who are you to say "what is there in Penrhos now, can not be carried on into the future"... I strongly disagree, In the correct hands Penrhos Nature Reserve would thrive and be able to move forward with continued access to the public and be a Living Heritage for our Children and the future Generations of Holyhead. If we lose Penrhos Nature Reserve it will be a Travesty.


typical politician answers of sitting on the fence - plenty of contradiction too... nice :D

Vaughan Evans

Very good , needs to be played at the Anglesey showground !