1982 - by Babis Argyriou

1982 - by Babis Argyriou

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1982 - by Babis Argyriou
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Iggy Pop - Run Like a Villain
The Last - Up In the Air
Green on Red - Black Night
Deep Freeze Mice - A Red Light for The Greens
Laughing Clowns - Everything That Flies
Bauhaus - Spirit
The Three Johns - English White Boy Engineer
March Violets - Grooving in Green
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Savage Republic - Ivory Coast
The Sisters of Mercy - Body Electric
Malaria - Geld
New Age - Living For Now
Kas Product - Digging in a Hole
Death in June - State Laughter
XTC - Senses Working Overtime
The Lords of the New Church - Open Your Eyes
Channel 3 - You Make Me Feel Cheap
D.O.A. - Liar for Hire
Fear - Let's Have a War
Bad Brains - Big Take Over
Flipper - Way of the World
Gentle Ihor - Psalm 151
Super K - Recurring Nightmare
Dark Day – Danger / Dancer
Solid Space - Please Don't Fade Away
Gist - Love at First Sight
Thick Pigeon - Subway
Patrik Fitzgerald - One Little Soldier
Aerial FX - Where Is Tomorrow


Playing tracks by Iggy Pop, The Last, Green on Red, The Deep Freeze Mice, Laughing Clowns and more.


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Love this ep ❤️