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Tommy T & Cyberage Radio, 26-1-14, "The RAGE b4 The Cage" pt 3

Tommy T & Cyberage Radio, 26-1-14, "The RAGE b4 The Cage" pt 3

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De Ad Cibel.

The links could really keep running, but then I'm sure to be tuning later 2nite after crashin' for a nap prior to about midnight and then back up a few hours later... the wicked never rest, NO siiiirrrr !
As for Playlists; I'm hoping a short week or 2 should pass and then somethin'll be up for indicating all the miscellaneous I'm unaware myself - just too much good stuff to track it all,?
So, how far back* should I try to go with browsin' the archives; listen and find the stuff propellant enuff to set my flat ablaze in more ways I'll just rummage the ashes after it's all a cinder... ? ! Just maybe... maybe^^
Cheers 'til next,



This here with you my man .. Listening while I have Transformers The Movie on mute ....loving it !!! : )


THANKS again to you my friend ! I've been able to catch the 1st of the Transformers franchise when it was out back in '07, I think* Now if I may impart just how far my love for Transformers really goes... I remember seeing the movie, animated and involving the Autobots who'd remained on Cybertron all those years while Optimus and the others were on Earth and when the Dinobots are used most imperatively as a secret weapon to help the Autobots survive the ordeal of being trapped in that piranha pit; anyhow - I cried @ seeing Optimus die and yet I knew the movie would heavily revolve around his replacement leading a new path for the good guys^^ I most often had wished that the franchise would gets its rebirth with the movie, the animated one - initiating things once again as the footnotes of how the Autobots would pick up from where things left off... but of course that involves vivisecting Optimus from the whole equation and cars too futuristic and the whole 'remodel' of how refashioning the vehicles and the All-spark and I can fairly understand that 'new audiences' would be less than half-hearted into bearing with a almost new story entirely unfamiliar to them if Optimus wasn't involved :( If I recall correctly though, think that move was from '87; my parents had divorced by then and visitin' my pops and the movie running extra long he dragged both us boys outta the theater and had to deliver us home > still would like a copy of that fantastic, animated classic, yesss ! Always a real good time to know you stopped in, Peace :)