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  • 4 years ago

In a way, an inclusion into a new series I was reveling over - having me a nice chill Easter Sunday and thought about the context of Resurrection aka 'not ova til it's ova' looool

And THIS mix not being the "farthest back" I could dig; got those archives y'all - but for the suspected Summer/Fall of last year I believe* this helped lead-up and set the vibe for a appearance on ShottaTV that Scatta joined mates o' the Manic Beats crew for on a Saturday with Smitty and the gang; caught most o' the madness, yesss !



Love the synths


a lot of what I hope to put up^ here on MXC is stuff that gets me energetic and ready to t*c*b* ( take care o' business ) and there's loads of stuff I could just blindly upload from countless pages I visit that some1 else has already uploaded and just rename it so it's not 'earmarked' - the sounds different and the sounds contrary is how I like to keep it; WHY do what others do already when the real competition I face in life is w/ myself and all the voices and intermissions and conflicts that try to barricade me on the daily... life IS a battle x_X THANKS again my friend !


happy 2 check it; hoping to be here on / off thru the weekend, I hope* :)


ALWAYS gr8 2 B seein' ya in here; good to know the listens are gettin' made while I try to hop and skip back between a couple flavors now & then^^ what I try with the Cyberage Radio sessions is to try and give that 'local flavor' and what happens here* isn't just college radio, but an international party that actually happens Live every Saturday and about 50 weeks per year; my interest in wantin' to "celebrate a 20 years of KUNM" may be on hold but for the sake of continuing to blast out more of Tommy T and the gang I'm happy to break back to some USZ as that's also a Studio and some fantastic talent that doesn't get much "play" here too - I guess the overall effort is to do what others most likely don't do and sincerely because one sound covered a million ways is a lot less appealing [ to me ] that THE million sounds covered by just a few listeners or the uploaders that try to make it happen aka underground 4 life, loooool Cheers :P