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Massimo Berardi

Roma, Italy

Amongst the greatest Italian experts of disco music, due to his long-lasting deejay experience and to his valuable huge record collection, Massimo Berardi (Rome, 1960) gets passionate about music very early, fascinated and allured between 1977 and 1978 by the disco mix tapes from the legendary Italian club Baia degli Angeli. Basing on such sounds, he starts his own search for records, straight coming from USA and directed to the best known deejays of the time, but very hard to find in Italy. In 1996 he meets the dj producer Roberto Masutti and founds the Harlem Hustlers, starting a music project that for more than 15 years has led them to create outstanding productions and remixes for the best international dance artists, working actively with the Italian record label “d:vision” and with the main house music labels worldwide.The project “Rare Tracks vol. 2”re-editing some of the most famous classics of the Full Time Records.