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Mark Breen

Newcastle, United Kingdom

..from age of 3/4 music was my life /hobby //bringing me my 1st residency in Spain at the age of 12!!! meeting contacts all the way until started playing clubs where was approached by the "PALACE in Switzerland at famous "GREEN-GO" disco Below the palace hotel for over 8 winter seasons with sets with mista mike DJ jamin david visan angel cieLo marc ricci s privileged introduction to Michael Jackson/TomCruise/Bruce Willis to name a few who were regulars at club !!. also DJ ED IN Spain for over 15 years on and off peak seasons...with Brandon Block/Howard Donald/Isaac Indaart/Javi D Colors/SASH in Spain.DJn @ CHIC PALACE/SOUND REPUBLIC , ALFA SOUND FACTORY ,FARAHS , BOOGIE BOOGIE,DOLCE VITA,CRESCENDO,YATES, Here in U.K Dobsons/City Vaults / Quay club / bar pacific.....still DJ ing now at major clubs and radio stints every thurs on 6pm and and mixLr radio DJmb ...looking to open a bar in the not so distant future to forfil my dreams !!VINYL RULES