Random Country Featuring Paul Carbunkle

Random Country Featuring Paul Carbunkle

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Random Country Featuring Paul Carbunkle
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Random Country, broadcasting on www.acaciaradio.com every Sunday from 12 Noon GMT.
On this edition, Paul Carbuncle, punk/folk/singer/songwriter, plays live in the studio.
He has such a broad knowledge of music and history, and this session showcases some of his talents.
If you want originality, and something to whet your appetite and slake your thirst for musical quirkiness and tales of yesteryear that could be the headlines of today, Paul Carbuncle is the man!


Playing tracks by Elvis Costello and Alabama Shakes.



Paul is a really nice bloke and his music is spot on!
Thanks for listening, Tony.

Tony Henson Lewis

Paul is a unique, brilliant folk/punk artiste extraordinaire and one not to be missed
and also a great friend.
Quentin Hood (First Folk Revival Veteran)

Martin John Carey

Carbuncle is a delightful blight on society.