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Colchester, United Kingdom

For the songwriter and New Music lovers.. I am Loxley, and my show, Loxley's Corner on Actual Radio, Colchester dedicated to the new artists and bands.. Your music is why I am here.. It's as much of your show as it is ours. Send me your music in a Wav file with a short Biog and I will play them..
On each show we have Live acoustic performances with our 'Loxley Live Lounge'...
Tune in and give me your thoughts and say hi on my Facebook page - Loxley's Corner, which is open Live and during the show..
If you need help with technical advice - recording, producing and song writing then I will be right here..
How to sing - can you ? Can you improve your vocal range, and protect your voice as you grow..
The basic in song writing skills, and advanced..
Speak to doctor Lox on the show..
Most of all - if you write a song, then you deserve airplay !