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Liz Cirelli

London, United Kingdom

Versatile in her expressions of creativity, UK artist Liz Cirelli is the epitome of a true musician and embraces multiple artistic ventures.

The intricate, hypnotic, textured sounds and songs that Liz creates stem largely from her unique melodically-structured approach and innate ability to fuse the worlds of classical and electronic music. Adding her signature voice, she creates music that spans multiple genres including electronica, downtempo, and alternative dance.

Beyond releasing a string of evocative dance music releases and writing two albums for EMI Production Music, Liz has also composed the soundtracks for the multi-award-winning short, “Triskelion” and British independent feature film “Art Is Dead”. 20th Century Fox and Sky TV are counted amongst her client list and in addition to her long-standing collaboration with the exquisite violinist, Minski, she recently formed an exciting collaborative partnership with Emmy award-winning composer, Gavin Greenaway.