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Gene Hunt live at "AIRA House Originators" Series Chicago. 01-30-2015.

Gene Hunt live at "AIRA House Originators" Series Chicago. 01-30-2015.

Playing tracks by

Dario DAttis, Gino Soccio, Czr, Klein & M.b.o, Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band and more.

Gene Hunt recored live at Rolands "AIRA House" Originators Series Chicago on 01-30-2015.
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Gene, is there any real reason that you only seem to me to just have 1 mix here on mix cloud. afew more on soundcloud but the most on you tube.Is it just choice and worked out that way or don't you like the site and didn't want to post.cos i was a little surprised when i searched for R.D.jr and the 1st one was obviously gonna be chicago boilier room but i wondered wha t was going on when the 2nd was also boiler room. i have to admit i download certain stuff with free make but not for no one but myself and certainly not for money.i just hunt for my favourite djs playing the best tunes many i have got but on vinyl + anything rare or people whodon't make many appearences. so please im joking (but not) when i say i don't want to get banned.THE other day ileft Surgeon a message asking whether it bothers him if someone does himout 0f his hard work and cash and i said it would wind me right up cos i'm not Rage Against the Machine with so much cash i don't care about piracy.i' m DAVE WITh next to no cash and no job and can't walk properly (for nearly2 years) and an op. on16th Dec that hopefully may restructer my agonizing left foot and then its bac k to the punishment physio. Igreatly admire those young soldiers who went to AFGHanistan. in the prime conditon of ther young life and returned with only one arm and no legs. I spent 7 weeks in bed.i have Parkinsons which is fairly well controlled but being lifted by 2 physios onto my feet and my left calf that looked and felt like a big fat birds bingo wing. i can say for sure ihave never done anything anywhere as near as difficult as that in my life so having steel pins through my toe bones for 6 weeks totry and straitighten my fused tendons and fucked up claw toes. i think il tolorate that as iv've been in pain for 2years .DAVE


gene hunt is and will always go down as a legend of house music. he rules and i don't think he gets the credit he deserves over most of the so called gods that youngsters go around today glorifying that are in my opinion a load of shit. they should listen to gene for a real education in what house music is all about

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Thanks for the comments guys. It was a great night. More sets from the event coming soon so stay tuned!

Jeffrey Jefferson Friedmann

God damn I love this city!

Vivi Pedraglio


Shawn Boyle

DAJAE! Yes! Mothafucka YES!