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  • 2 years ago
Can You Lie Through Omission?  'Absolutely' - Says Mimi Uncensored..!

Can You Lie Through Omission? 'Absolutely' - Says Mimi Uncensored..!

Air Date: January 25, 2016

A listener is surprised & devastated when her partner broke the news that she needed to get a divorce first before they could get married.

Mimi offers advice to a listener who is dating a woman who is living with an Ex & recently discovered that the Ex is a man. Mimi says it's not as much about the gender of the Ex as it is about dating someone who is emotionally unavailable. "Love yourself enough to stand up for you!"

Mimi has a fresh approach to the dialog a listener needs to have with her husband about her frustrations over the money he spends on toys for his 'man cave'.

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Another great show Mimi. I just love how each segment gets longer and more in depth. Keep it coming. Oh yeah.....thanks a lot for the shout out. Interesting topics tonight, hmm.. Reagarding # 2, being a gamer myself, I completely understand the investment in the habit. It is...expensive. Rather than fight against it, I think maybe she should try to learn to play Xbox with him. He could certainly be addicted to worse things than XBOX. At least he's home and not running the streets.


You have answered so many questions for me since I have been listening to the show that has turned my life around. I often wonder why I didn't date much, now I know. I like me and never wanted to be with the wrong person when that right person came along. My lover has always been my guitars. If she can get in my head like the guitar, that's a bad woman then she has my heart. Thank you for your show


Hey Mimi - Great segment - love the advice.! Thanks for the shout out too - happy to support you because I love to listen every week.! Lots of stuff going on in this week's segment - holy cow.! I hope the listener in the second piece takes your advice and 'loves herself enough'...seems to me it would be a strong possibility of drama & heartbreak waiting to happen in a situation like that.