9000Miles soundtrack

9000Miles soundtrack

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9000Miles soundtrack
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Between July 29th and August 25th, a lot of music got played on the 9000Miles-tourbus. One month is obviously a long time to be on the road if you don't bring the right music - so we left home with 9 iPods, smartphones, CD-R's and whatever else we could play some tunes on to make the long roads seem a little bit shorter.

This is a mix of some of our favourite songs that got played on the bus this summer. These songs that kept us fueled and burning rubber from Gent to Berlin to Budapest to Barcelona back to Gent.

Consider it a mix of mood-music that ranges from anticipation and excitement to  adventure and exhaustion, selected by all nine of us and mixed by Hypercutz & AC.

This mixtape precedes the release of the official 9000Miles mixtape - which will only feature material that was produced during the tour.

Stay tuned.

9000Miles gathers 9 artists, make sure to read trip diary on:


Playing tracks by The Doors, Mos Def, Dorian Concept, Cymande, Booker T Jones and more.


Jan Sterckx

haa coco bryce!! totally forgot about him zalige mix alleen al daarvoor



Nuno Issufo

Liked it! I've listened to this mixtape while working at the pc, at the same time, and it helped.

Novoid Plus

Demain C'est loin !
Yeah !

Nessa Nguyen

cooool mix

Arturo Perez Cervantes



Good :)


Great to hear IAM on this Mix !

Juano Etchevers

You did it again guys! Any chance to have marks on each tracks like other cloudcast?

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