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LTJ Bukem - Dreamscape 21 x Back in the Day Live 1995

LTJ Bukem - Dreamscape 21 x Back in the Day Live 1995

LTJ Bukem - Dreamscape 21 x Back in the Day Live 1995
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“The music is still very much alive. years ago a lot of doubters said the music, the people, the soul of what we were all trying to create wouldn’t last a’s all a matter of opinion” - LTJ Bukem


Ben Field
Ben Field

was lucky enough to witness this set, so many tunes, that photek dub tore the roof off (system x say it part 2) would literally give my right testicle for that on vinyl .

Darren Alfido Anderson

If I ever saw the MC for the first 12min of this set I would slap him silly he shit!!! I was there and called for Conrad the whole time till he eventually fucked off!!! Otherwise this was the best set of the night!!!

Aaron Lofthouse

I've got the rave flyer ov this

Maxi Deanatello

Sweet memories how everyone looked and smiled at each other one family music..bringing it back blessings always thankyou!!

Vocalist Day Promo

cool mix

Paul Sinclair

I was there, and by the time it came to Bukem all me and my mate could do was sit on the bar and nod with massive grins on our face. I absolutely love this set.

David Parsons

The MC on the first part of the mix is classic. He is so cheesy. He sounds like a DJ from 80's radio. Fortunately Conrad pitches up half way through and puts the poor guy out of his misery..

Jacob Moretti

I'm really happy I got to see LTJ Buckem in Osaka Japan after kentaro. LTJ Buckem is still my favorite djs to listen to when chilling at home.

Add me on facebook please :) then you get to see all the events I went to :O


Very good, listning now.


95! special times. Adam F- aromatherapy. at 11:20mins great tune. P.F.M - for all of us. at 25:30 Deep! P.F.M was doing so many massive productions around this time. Yes timeless, Yes great memories!