Nimhneach talks FETISH with LGBTlife.

Nimhneach talks FETISH with LGBTlife.

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Nimhneach talks FETISH with LGBTlife.
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Nimhneach is Ireland's premier fetish event. It's events are held every month in a discrete Dublin venue and ALL fetish fans are welcome. Nimhneach organiser Andrew joined Mick FitzGerald to talk all things fetish.

He outlined the objective of the events and the dress code that is required to gain admission. Andrew further detailed the "rules of engagement" that ensure that people's safety and enjoyment is not impacted by ignorant or inappropriate behavior.

A Nimhneach event will take place in August, September, October and November with a break for Xmas. Mention LGBTlife to receive VIP treatment.


Playing tracks by The Velvet Underground.